To keep your new bikini in the best possible shape, avoid sitting on or up against rough surfaces- keep a towel handy and keep your bum comfy!

After a dip in the ocean or pool, hop in the shower and rinse off. Freshwater is the trick to keeping colors vibrant. Swimwear is not made to be thrown in the washing machine; instead, hand wash your bikini with mild soap in cold water.

Avoid laundry detergent as even just a little bit can cause fading and is far too harsh for bikinis. Be sure to avoid soaps with moisturizers as well.

Some colors may bleed so please do not mix light and dark colors when washing.

Line dry or dry flat, do not wring, twist, hang or iron. Hanging swimwear can cause it to stretch out as the water will congregate at the bottom of the piece.

Always avoid contact with oils, sunscreen, and heavily chlorinated pools.